Best Painting Company Websites Features

Best Painting Company Websites Features

Features Of The Best Painting Company Websites

Whether you are a veteran house painter, or the new guys/gals on the block marketing a small business has changed dramatically in the digital age. There are many different channels available to approach customers, and it is important for a small business to work with all the available channels to reach out to potential customers, create value for them and convert them from potential customers into paying and loyal customers.

Your painting company website is the most important component in your marketing and revenue generation strategy. It is usually the first point of interaction, and brand impression that customers will see.

The best painting company websites are simple to navigate, and make it easy for customers to find answers to the 3 burning question every website visitor landing on your painting company website will have:

  1. What products or services does this company provide?
  2. How much will it cost me?
  3. Can I trust them?

One more thing: your website needs to be able to do the job in under 10 seconds.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Be as accurate as possible on what services you can provide. Use beautiful imagery, clarity and simple flow. In this section you need to aim for simplicity.


Painting Company Websites - Showcase your services
Painting Company Website Services Show Case

Provide Price Guidance

Many vendors shy away from being open about pricing.   The logic is that you will leave the price up for negotiation where you can go higher or lower based on your customer’s ability to negotiate. While this used to work in the past, it no longer does because of the availability of information freely on the Internet. By not posting your prices think of how many customers will just bounce off your website and look for the price else where. If you can’t quote exact prices, at least provide a guideline in your blog or your home page on how to price a painting job. The counter logic here is as follows: No one likes to be taken for a ride, and most customers hate the price negotiation process. If you post your prices, you at least eliminate the biggest discomfort customers have about approaching your company.

Don’t Forget Testimonials

Make sure your testimonials are genuine and real. Video testimonials are the best, if you can’t secure those, ask your customers for permission to post a testimonial from them.

Be Easy To Contact

An obvious one. Make it as simple as possible and as easy as possible to contact your company. Check, they have a message to text widget you can include on your website.

Line 2 Text To Mobile Image - Best Painting Company Websites
Contact Us Image - Best Painting Company Websites
Painting Company Contact - Best Painting Company Websites

Team Member Pictures

People like to visualize who they are dealing with.  Include pictures of your team member, name, and a short bio.   Did you attend a local school?  Are involved with a local charity or club?  People prefer to deal with people and not just a faceless brand or company.  This is the best place to make it personal and human.

Painter Image - Best Painting Company Websites

Show Your Work

This is a very important section in helping to answer the question “Can I trust them?”.  Past expertise and references establish your ability to do the job.  Make sure you ask your customers for their permission, and list the projects you have done.   Before / After pictures of these projects goes a long way to establish what you can do.  For all project gallery images make sure you take high quality, wide angle images on a sunny day.  Remember that images will need to be properly optimized for size to ensure they load quickly on your website and not grind it to a halt.

Work Gallery - Best Painting Company Websites

Use Great Images

Obviousy for project images it is important to use your real project images. However, the rest of your website will have icons, and illustrative images for products, services, and backgrounds. For those, make sure you use high quality stock images.  You can find great free images on Pixabay and Unsplash.  However, you can also go through Shutterstock and purchase beautiful professional images for $10 per image or less.

Professional Painting Images - Best Painting Company Websites

Blog Consistently

If you want your website to rank well, one of the best ways would be to create content that your potential customers will find useful. Create content on consistent basis, and think of all that knowledge in your head that would be useful for your customers and community. Some ideas to consider for your painting company website would be:

  • Review of painting products such as paint / brushes
  • How to color match rooms
  • Which paint works best where
  • Where to by the best paints for a great price in your city?
  • How to get the best price for a paint job?
  • How to price a point job?
  • How often, and when is the best time to paint your house?
  • Consider a video blog to give your customers pro tips.

Creating a blog may sound counter intuitive . Why would you create content to help your customers do the job without you. The reason is that great content that ranks well on search engines will bring you tons of website visitors and potential customers.  It will establish your company expertise in house painting and it will earn you free brand recognition.

Imagine telling a customer to check your website for a blog post you wrote about a problem that they have?

Even some of your customers who first intend to do the job themselves will likely decide to buy your services once they realize that you can do a far better job for a good price (which as discussed above you need to have on your website).

Painting Company Website Blog Image

More advice on what the best painting company websites do differently

  • They showcase the personality of the team.
  • They tell customers why they should choose that particular company.
  • They are properly optimized for search engines and location based optimized.

Marketing Tips For The Best Painting Company Websites

Even the best painting company websites need great marketing.  

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available to small business owners because it is relatively more affordable than google adwords, has a huge penetration, and has an extremely powerful targeting mechanism.  Below we go through the basic strategy that you can adopt to generate visitors for your website.

  • Create a Facebook page, and ask all your friends to like it.
  • Run highly targeted Facebook ads
  • Target based on your location
  • Refine based on home ownership and income level.
  • Create a Facebook pixel (through the Facebook ad manager)
  • The Facebook pixel must be placed on all the pages of your website.
  • Run a retargeting advertisement on Facebook targeted towards people who have visited your website.
  • Reach out to real estate agents and offer them exclusive prices for clients. Most people paint their homes just before they go on sale. Hooking up with a few real-estate agents will result in positive conversions.

Our article on how to start a startup has great advice on the digital tools you can use in conjunction with your painting company website to drive customer acquisition, leads and profitability.  We have also compiled a list of great small business tools that are useful for painting companies.

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