What Is The Best Way To Attract New Business In Photography?

Photography is a highly visual, highly personal service that is about capturing the moment, and enhancing beauty.  Not everyone who can hold a camera, or has a mobile phone would make a great photographer.  Unfortunately though, photography is becoming a very competitive and noisy field in terms of marketing.  

So, what is the best way you can attract new business to your photography business?  In this post we will give you the insider scoop on how to market your photography business.

Use The Power Of Social

Social networks lend themselves really well to visual content that can be appreciated and shared well.  Even a single image or video that goes viral can bring you hundreds of new clients.  As a photographer, two social networks you need to be on are Instagram and Facebook.  While Instagram was designed for photography, Facebook was designed to allow small businesses to reach the right type of clients through a very advanced targeting mechanism.

A Compelling Digital Presence

A Compelling digital presence, website or online store is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy in the digital age. 

  1. Get a stunning photography website that can showcase your work in a professional way.
  2. Make sure your website is easy to understand and navigate.
  3. Make sure your website loads fast (images happen to be slow to load, so you need to compensate)
  4. Host your website on a reliable server.

Connect your photography website to your photography Facebook Page.

Effective Communication Tools

Now that you have a stunning photography website setup, it is important to ensure that your clients have multiple channels where they can get in touch with you.  Some ideas: 

  1. Get a branded / professional email ([email protected]).
  2. Consider an online chat module so that customers can get in touch with you in real-time.

Don’t Forget About Security

Every successful business protects its digital assets.  At least you will need an SSL certificate to secure your domain and enhance trust in your brand.  You can also consider added protections such as:

  1. Data protection to protect revision history of your website content.
  2. Website Redundancy (to ensure your website never goes down) especially if you plan to sell images directly from your website.

Understand Your Customers

One of the key factors in your digital success is your ability to understand who your customers are, where they come from, which pages they land on, which pages causes them to exist, and how they interact with your brand.  Having the tools to understand this can help you increase conversion and increase your sales.

Lead Conversion

The most critical role of a business website is to convert a visitor into a lead.  To accomplish this task the website needs to be fitted with a  lead conversion mechanism.

Lead Generation

Now that your website is ready to receive visitors, and efficiently convert them into leads it is time to create the traffic funnels that will direct visitors to your photography website.    

Here are some ideas:

  1. Post your images / work on your website.
  2. Share the links on your Facebook Page.
  3. Test different images / headlines / offers etc.
  4. Make sure that your visitors land on mobile optimized landing pages since most of them will be coming from the social domains and a high percentage will be using their mobile phones.
  5. Create print-ads and distribute in your neighborhood.
  6. Reach out to wedding planners and real estate agents who may retain your services.
  7. Go to Photography events and meet-ups in your city.
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