12 Facebook Tips For Small Business

12 Facebook Tips For Small Business You Need To Know



With more than a billion people on Facebook around the globe, marketing on Facebook for your small business is becoming more urgent.  However, as a small business owner, if you are not armed with the right tools and knowledge from the start you will end up wasting thousands of dollars and many months trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  

We share with you the Facebook tips for small business that we learned from our own experience marketing Bestwebsitestore.com.


Facebook Is About Communication & Communities


When we login to our Facebook app, we are typically there to follow interesting news, check-in with friends, watch interesting videos, or converse about something we care about.  The last thing on the minds of Facebook visitors is actually buying products or services.  

Keep that Psychology in mind when you engage your Facebook audience.  

The aim of this post is not to go into the mechanics of posting or marketing on Facebook, but to provide a set of broad guidelines and Facebook tips for small business marketing.

Tip #1: Create Valuable Content

People are on Facebook to be entertained and informed.  When you create content, make sure that your content is truly valuable for your target audience.  

For example, if you are a painter, give your audience great tips on where to buy paint, what types of paint are best, and review painting tools.  

If you are into law practice, provide tips for your target audience on how to save money on their legal bills.  

Facebook Tips For Small Business - Create Valueable Content

If you give music lessons, provide informative tips on best tools for children of different ages.  You get the idea.  

The idea is to become a trusted source of information and to become the go to source of valuable information about your domain of expertise.

Ensure that you and your team have the time and ability to create interesting, high quality materials. One of the best way of doing that is to hire people on your team who have a passion for creating high quality videos about your business, clients and community.


Tip #2: Get Visual With High Quality Images and Videos


Facebook Tips For Small Business - Create Visual Content

Written blogs (like this one 🙂 ) are so old style.  They are great for search engine optimization and website ranking.  However, on Facebook you need to be visual.  Use images to convey short messages and tips.  Don’t be shy about using videos for content. 


Tip #3: Hire Employees Who Can Create Content

The creation of visual content whether it is images, or videos is an essential part of small business marketing in the digital era.  Your employees’ ability to create content will make the difference between you being successful or failing.  No matter what industry you work in, make sure to hire employees who can and have a passion for creating high quality visual content (either with images, or videos).

Facebook Tips For Small Business - Content Creation

Tip #4: Ask For Shares and Likes!

One of the lessons that took us a long time to learn was that you need to ask people to like and share your post.  It is important to do it politely, but it is important to do it.  People are typically busy but they will both like and share your content if you ask and if you provided something valuable.  

Facebook Tips For Small BusinessYou can close your video with a message such as: “Thank you so much for watching our video.  If you liked our content, please like and share it as this helps us keep going and allows us to create more valuable content”.

For a Facebook post, add a short message to the top of your post: “If you like this post, please like our page, like our post and share with your friends”.  

Tip #5: Create A Facebook Presence Around A Cause

One of the most important Facebook tips for small business is creating a Facebook presence around a cause people care about.

When businesses create their Facebook pages and start marketing, the initial instinct is of course to create a Facebook page that is brand specific.  This strategy may work for established brands, but will not work for small businesses.

The main flaw in this strategy is that people don’t know or care about your brand.  They are too busy to find out, and they aren’t on Facebook to search for learn more about you or your business.

The above, while is harsh, is the reality and it is important for small business owners to understand that fact.

The good news though is that people are on Facebook for things they care about.  What do people care about?  Health, Wealth and Happiness.  You need to create your Facebook presence, not around your brand, but rather around a cause or topic that touches on the above.

For example, a pet shop, has created a beautiful page about the beauty of kittens and puppies.  It does not mention their brand anywhere.  They create viral content about.

Facebook Tips For Small Business

An airline, created a Facebook page to celebrate flight, modern aviation and travel with beautiful shots of young pilots, exotic destination, and modern aircrafts. 

Facebook Tips For Small Business Page Description


At Best Website Store we changed our Facebook presence from being brand specific, to a page celebrating entrepreneurship and small business owners all over the globe. 

Think about your industry.  Can you touch people’s desire for health, wealth and happiness by creating a Facebook presence and following that is not directly around your brand but something people can relate to?  We bet you can!

Tip #6: Post On Facebook Consistently

Managing a compelling presence of Facebook needs commitment, persistence and consistency.  One of the most common mistakes is being sporadic with your posting which in many cases can unfollows.  

One of the best ways to ensure that you are consistent is to set a single day per week or month to create content for an entire period (the week ahead or month ahead depending on your ability).  Then you can use a tool such as Hoot-suite to schedule your posts.  

Alternatively, if you are disciplined, use a Calendar and task reminders to help you remember when you need to post to Facebook.   Be consistent.


Facebook Tips For Small Business - Post Consistently

Tip #7: Be Relevant

A common mistake that small businesses commit on Facebook is post irrelevant posts or information on their pages.  It might be tempting to post that cute kitten image on your page to share with your followers.  It doesn’t do you any good though if your page is about home construction.  

Stay relevant to your audience, cause and brand.

Tip #8: Understand How Facebook Targeting Works

Facebook Tips For Small Business - Audience TargettingFacebook has many powerful features that small business can use for marketing.  However, by far the most important feature is audience building.  

Audience building is the ability to create audiences based on criteria such as age, sex, location, interests, behaviors, life events, and many other criteria that are beyond the scope of this post.  

One of the most important Facebook tips for small business owners is to understand how audience targeting works.  

This article from adespresso is a great starting point.

Tip #9: Test Multiple Headlines, Images and Text 

Facebook Tips For Small Business - Test Multiple Headlines


This is especially true if you decide to use Facebook ads to get more followers or engagement from your posts.  It is important to test in small amounts to figure out what ad copy, headline, image and content combinations work best for you.  

Tip #10: Allow Facebook To Optimize 

When using paid campaigns allow Facebook to optimize.

Tip #11: Build An Audience From Your Website If you Have One

One of the most important Facebook tips for small business that small business owners are not aware off is using Facebook for retargetting.  

Retargeting on Facebook allows small business owners to show advertisements, and posts to users who visit their website on Facebook.  

This strategy creates a highly effective multi-touch marketing channel that re-inforces a brand in the minds of prospects, and potential leads.

The mechanics of using Facebook pixels and Facebook retargeting for small businesses is beyond the scope of this blog post, but a great resource for this can be found here.

Tip #12: Use Mobile Optimized Landing Pages On Your Website

Ensure that when people click on your post they can reach a mobile optimized landing page on your website that is consistent with your post and message and has a single clear call to action.

Facebook Tips For Small Business - Optimize For Mobile


Following the above 12 Facebook tips for small business will help small business owners hit the ground running in their Facebook marketing efforts.  This will not only save business owners money and time, but will ensure they are more effective in a short period of time.

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