How To Advertise On Craigslist


As a small business, advertising on Craigslist is a no brainer. It is the place where a lot of potential clients look for local products and services. As part of our work, we have studied thousands of ads and hundreds of vendors who advertise on the highly popular advertising website. We have put this guide together to help you become as effective and as competitive as possible when you advertise on Craigslist.


Before a client sees the content of your ad, they have to click on the title. If the title is not compelling then the chances that they will look somewhere else are much higher.  How do you make a title compelling? Connect with your prospect on a deeper emotional level by writing compelling titles that address their wants, needs and fears.

Headline Analyzer Coschedule has an amazing Headline Analyzer tool to help you write better headlines.

Example of an poor craigslist ad title:
Let me paint your house for $99 a room.
Why is it bad? It sounds cheap. A cheap price shouldn’t be what you aim for. Its bad business.

A slightly better title:
A reliable, affordable painter. References available.
Why is it bad? Checking references sounds like a lot of work.

Now, this is a great title:
Excellent Painters with Competitive Pricing for Stunning Results!
Why is it good? It addresses the 3 objections to any sale: Trust, Result, and Finance.


Not just any images. Include very high quality images. Craigslist allows you to have up to 24 images. Use this to your advantage. Include images of your team, work, business card and much more.
People are very visual, and subconsciously process images much faster than they would read text.
One of the most common mistakes small businesses make when they advertise on Craigslist is using poor quality images, or images that have too much text on them.
One of the best tools to use to create high quality images is Canva. Give it a try. It is free, easy to use and the results are great.Canva Logo Best Website Store


When you advertise on Craigslist it is a bit like the lottery. You need to increase the chances that your ad is going to be seen and clicked.
One of the best ways to achieve that result is to post in multiple categories, at multiple times during the day with slightly different titles.
The more ads you have near the first page the higher the chances are that your message will reach the intended audience.
Your aim is to be on that first or second page as much as possible.


Make sure that client understands how to contact you.
We have seen numerous ads that say something like “call us” or “email us” without providing the necessary contact information.

If you want people to respond to you via the reply button say so, if you want people to call you, provide your number and be clear on the action. If you want people to email you, clearly state your email address and action needed. (Don’t forget to enable your voicemail with a clear professional message!)


If you write a 300 word ad content no one is going to read it all and the dizzying information will turn off prospects and result in confusion.
If you are advertising different services, use different ads.
The job of an ad is to get a prospect to contact you.
The ad should provide just enough information to convince a prospect to perform that action.
Any prospect will have 3 objections to any possible sale of a product or service: Trust, Result, and Price.
Your ad copy needs to address these objections to help your prospect make the psychological leap of faith, take a risk and contact you.
Be clear about your pricing if possible, even if yours are higher than the market. Surprisingly a slightly above market price indicates quality and reliability and tends to increase conversions.
Address trust and result objections through work images, and a link to your website if you have one.


The first image you post to Craigslist will be used as a featured image of your ad when viewers search for ads in the gallery or thumb format.
Create a high quality image that conveys the core of your business, but remember to include a single call to action (a phone number, email or website) so that people can contact you without having to click on your ad.

Do not clutter your image with information either. A single method of contact is enough. Check the below example:

Advertise On Craigslist For Small Business - Example Featured ImageCraigslist Header Image Example


Advantages of using a small business website:
1. Credibility: Investing in a website tells your prospects that you are a professional and that you take your business seriously.
2. Better Engagement: Once a user lands on your website the chances of contact go dramatically higher.  At that point you got them to leave Craigslist and into your digital store. If they like what they see they will contact you.
3. Re-marketing: One of the wonders of digital marketing is the ability to re-target prospects on social media once they visit your website. Targeting customers on multiple channels (Craigslist, website, and Facebook) will vastly increase the chances of prospect contact and conversion.


Advantages of getting a website with
1. Personalized service
2. Affordable monthly plans
3. Designed for small business
4. Hundreds of stunning designs
5. Change templates anytime
6. Highly secure and fast
7. Complete care

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