5 Tips On Finding A Job

One of the most under utilized, but highly effective tools for job hunting is the use of inbound marketing.  Simply inbound marketing is the act of creating useful content and value that draws in organic traffic to a particular brand.  It is highly effective at establishing expertise, and brand recognition.  Unfortunately professionals rarely engage in this type of effective brand marketing and when they decide to look for new opportunities they find that their brand is extremely week.  Even with the tremendous amounts of technology disruption around us, the process of matching the right candidates with the right jobs has not been disrupted sufficiently.  To a large extent the process remains the same.  Job Seekers search job sites for suitable (and sometimes unsuitable positions).  Job posters post jobs on job sites with the hope of attracting the right talent.   There are several problems with this approach:

  • The job poster has no reliable way to find the best possible candidates.  They must choose from a pool of candidates that apply who then get filtered by software looking for specific keywords.
  • With 80% of possible positions not getting officially listed, the job seeker has no reliable way to find the most suitable position.
  • Employers have no reliable way to find qualified candidates in their immediate region for their exact requirements.

How can this problem be solved?  Linkedin and others have tried to mitigate this problem, but with limited success.  The main reason has been the lack of education and knowledge on the part of job seekers on how to optimize their profiles, and how to use inbound marketing to help themselves be found by employers looking for their specific skill sets in a particular location.

Obviously there is a real problem here that needs to be solved.   There are too many organizations and companies out there looking for talent, that are not able to find the right candidates because those candidates are not making themselves easy to find.

Help employers find you:

#1 Take ownership of your online brand (and hurry).

Good personal domain names are being booked quickly.  It is  your responsibility to ensure that you take ownership of this digital asset.  If you don’t take the right steps now, those important domain names will be gone for ever, and instead of making your claim to JohnSmith.com for example you will have to settle for something like JohnSmith-from-Toronto-3.com (not exactly the best brand name).

#2 Maintain consistent branding and language between your social media accounts.

This is a two tips in one.  First, ensure that your digital channels are clean and professional, this includes your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram postings.  Unfortunately in the digital age there is no such a thing as privacy anymore.  In addition to ensuring these media channels are clean, it is extremely important to ensure that you use consistent professional language across different channels.  For example, don’t claim to be a supervisor or manager on your linkedin page, while your Facebook page clearly shows otherwise.

#3 Showcase your expertise and personality.

This is the most important tip.  Create content to showcase your expertise.  Use project mockups, pictures, story telling, and real numbers to show potential employers who you are, what you have been up to, and what you are capable of doing.  Share your knowledge and expertise with the larger community.

#4 Share Content that shows you are learning new things

Did you come across an informative video, article, tool or tips that can be useful to other professionals in your field ?  Share it !  Share it on your Facebook page, Linkedin profile, twitter account, and more.  Become the goto person for expertise and new things.  It shows that you are a collaborative person with an endless hunger for knowledge.  The engagement rates for useful content is very high because people are looking for it.

#5 Invest in an online profile.

Imagine a business today without an online store.  In the digital age, we are all providers of products and services.  You are a company of one that provides a specific product and service driven by your knowledge and expertise.  Invest in a strong digital presence connected to your brand name.   It will make it easier for employers to find you, and it will give a great impression of your professionalism, and your expertise.  The process is much easier than you think.   Click Here For More Information.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

Happy Job Hunting.


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