Elements Of The Best Business Websites

A business website is a very powerful digital tool that too often is not used to it’s maximum potential. This is unfortunate, because one of the ways that small businesses and startups can level the playing field with larger players is to have a very well designed business website that can attract organic traffic and convert those visitors to loyal followers and customers.   Obviously a small business website should reflect the character of the business and its team. It must also cater to the sector that it is serving with industry specific content and applications. However, the below components are commonly required across industries and companies, because they serve the objective of turning a small business website into a hyper performing marketing machine.

We believe, that the below 8 components are required in every small business website, regardless of the brand, or industry it is serving.

About Us Page

Customers are reluctant to buy from businesses they know nothing about. In order to gain customer trust your small business website should feature an about us page which offers comprehensive information about your business.

Add your business address and contact information as it helps add reliability to your business. Write down your corporate history briefly and the number of years you have been in business and how your products/services have helped improve customer’s life.

Contact Page

Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Place important contact information in the footer of each page, including your business address, email and relevant contact numbers. If you want people to call you on a particular toll free number make sure it is well advertised throughout your website. Keep your contact forms simple and don’t complicate things for your users. Allow for a short message with name and e-mail.

Social Media Buttons

There are 2 types of social media buttons (sharing and following). For pages and blog posts use sharing buttons to help users share interesting and relevant content they come across on your website. Similarly, place your follow buttons on your contact page, and your page footers.

Once you are successful in persuading your customers to connect with you on social media platforms, you can use this opportunity as a means to connect with them, register your presence in their minds.


If there is one thing that adds immense credibility and reliability to your products/services it is customer reviews. Therefore, ask your customers to write their reviews once they have availed your services or used your products.  Prominently place those reviews and testimonials on your testimonial page. If you can get your customers to provide short video testimonials it would be far more powerful and engaging for others.

Why Us

A Why Us section is a very powerful marketing pitch section that describes to the novice visitor what sets you apart from the competition. Your advantage maybe your price point, special product features, product quality, support, and just your awesome brand and team. Make sure your website visitor can see the value that you create, and why they should choose you. One of the best ways to do that is a product comparison table and shows how your product compares to others on a multiple factors.

Products and Services

When presenting your products and services, try to think first of who your customers are and how they would search for your products. For example, if you are a real-estate agent, order your products by price ranges since that is typically how customers search for products. They look for affordable homes in particular neighborhoods.

Blog / Content

No small business today can afford not to create useful content for its potential customers. Great content helps your website rank higher, get more organic traffic and convert website visitors to loyal followers. However, its not just about rank and traffic. If you want to succeed as a small business you have to be committed to create real and genuine value for your customers. One great way of doing that is making your website a resource tool for your customers.

Opt-in Forms

Once you start to get organic traffic to your website, you will want to create enticing offers and capture email leads with opt-in forms on your website. Offers of discounts, coupons, white papers and more will entice your users to provide their emails. Once they do that you will need to start to nurture that relationship and build the trust necessary which will ultimately lead to sales.

At the Best Website Store, we design and sell ready to download small business websites.   Your small business website can be up and running in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. If you take a look at our shop, you will notice that all the websites in our shop have the above components / capabilities.

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