Common Website Problems

We are going to be brief in this post, and go right into the meat of the material. What are the major pain points that a lot of small business owners get into with their websites? If you are embarking on a new business website project, these are the things you need to watch out for ahead of time:

My website is slow!

Unfortunately we see a lot of that with customers who approach us for help. Their current websites are slow loading.  Anything over 6 seconds in loading time is too long.  There are many different reasons for why a website would load slow. However, usually the reason is either really poor design, or bad hosting server or both.  Make sure that your website has optimized image sizes, that you host with a reputable company that doesn’t overload their websites, and ask quiz your website designer on what they do to ensure your website will load fast.

My website is not generating customers for me

A common frustration for many customers is that their websites do not generate any new sales.  Most business owners are led to believe that once you create a website, all you have to do is sit back and wait for customers and sales orders. Unfortunately that is not true. You have to market your website the same way you would market your physical store. You have to create content that your customers would find useful, and use social medial channels to advertise your website and your content. We cannot do justice to this topic in just one paragraph. Marketing is essential!

My website always breaks down, and I am not sure what to do.

Nothing is more frustrating to a business owner than to always worry about whether their website is going to break down tomorrow or not. Instead of being this amazing asset, your business website becomes a liability and a headache. Websites break down for many reasons, but usually they break down because they are poor programmed or poorly maintained. A website, like any system, requires constant maintenance, and software updates. A small business owner doesn’t have the time or know how to keep their website properly maintained.  Our advise is to work with a great website designer to start with, ensure they are using a stable, properly programmed platform such as WordPress, and that they use a reputable stable theme that is constantly getting updated.  For maintenance, it is recommended that you learn the basics, or work with someone who can manage your website for you.

My website looks awful

While aesthetics are a matter of taste, and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are common reasons why a particular website would be considered to look awful. Not using high def images, small fonts, not using white space effectively, poor color contrasts, poor flow design and so on.  If you are custom making a new website, make sure your designer works with high def, professionally taken stock images.

My website looks bad on mobile

With more than a billion people on mobile devices around the world, no business can afford to ignore mobile users. However, rendering websites and maintaining great customer experiences on mobile devices is not straightforward. Not only do mobile devices have smaller screens, but they also tend to have slower data connections which affect how websites load on them.

Three things affect the way your website looks on mobile: 1. The website design itself, is it capable of detecting different screen sizes, and then rendering the most suitable version to that screen? 2. The capability of the design team to create mobile friendly pages. 3. Images: Are they properly optimized for mobile.

My website got hacked!

One of the most catastrophic things to happen to any small business is to have their website hacked. Not only does this affect their brand reputation, but it could potential lead to financial losses due to compromised customer and financial information. Ensure that your website designer is taking into account hosting your website behind a secure firewall, and putting in place a strong security platform to make it nearly impossible for your website to be hacked.


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