Using Analytics you can find out all of the following:


  • Who is visiting your website.
  • What devices they used.
  • From which city/country they visited.
  • How they found your website.
  • which pages they visited.
  • How long they stayed on each page.
  • Entry point into the website.
  • Exit point from the website.
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Powerful reporting dashboard.


Heatmaps provide a visual rendering of the following:


  • Clicks (Desktop)
  • Scrolls.
  • Taps (Mobile / Tablets).
  • Average position of the fold for Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles.
  • Which portion of a page is viewed the most vs the least.


Live Recordings are a great opportunity to do all of the below:


  • Visual & live record of user interaction on each website page.
  • Understand where users are dropping off the website and why.
  • Understand which messages turn users off.
  • Understand which messages convert visitors into leads.
  • Understand which parts of the website are confusing for visitors.



Understanding who your website visitors are, and how they interact with your website is the key to measuring how your marketing campaigns are performing and also understanding how well your website content is converting visitors into customers or driving them away.

Analytics provide invaluable information about who is visiting your website, how they found it, what devices were they using and detailed information about how they interacted with your website.

Heatmaps help determine how well the different website pages are designed and if your website visitors are focusing on the call to actions they should be focusing on.

Recordings are a powerful tool to highlight how your messaging and website flow is impacting how users interact with your website.

The main goal of a business website or e-commerce store is to convert visitors into customers.  The Insights product is a powerful suite of tools that assists website owners and website designers in optimizing their websites towards that goal.


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