Lead Capture Software

  • Convert visitors into customers.
  • Capture client information through forms on your website.
  • Store client information in the cloud.
  • Organize client information into lists.
  • Engage in email marketing to further develop those clients and leads.

Optimized Landing Pages

  • Specifically designed landing pages for mobile user optimization.
  • Designed specifically to minimize noise and improve conversion rates.



On average, 97% of website visitors do not convert into leads or customers, a major opportunity loss for a business that invested heavily in a business website and a marketing campaign.  

Why do visitors not typically convert into leads or customers?  

Here are the main reasons:

  1. There was no lead capture system in place!
  2. The client landed on a confusing, unoptimized landing page.
  3. The client was diverted to the home page, instead of a dedicated landing page.
  4. Uninspiring headline / messaging.
  5. Other reasons such as: Poor website design or lack of security.

The Lead Capture product is a suite of powerful marketing tools that work together to convert website visitors into customers.  When potential clients visit your website they will typically land on your website through your lead generation funnels which can be paid advertisement, social channels, or organic search leading to a blog post.  

The most important role a business website can play is to convert those visitors into potential clients (leads) and into paying customers.  This is done through the Lead Capture product which has two components:

Lead Capture Software is an end to end system to capture lead information such as name, email and other contact information on your website, organize the information into lists and enables the website owner to communicate with these clients through email marketing.

Optimized Landing Pages are high conversion landing pages designed specifically to focus incoming website traffic into the conversion funnel.   Landing pages are optimized based on the device of the client, and whether the client is landing from a social channel or vise versa.


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