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Social Lead Generation Funnel

  • Generate relevant traffic from Facebook to your business website or e-commerce store.
  • Re-target website visitors on Facebook for added brand recognition and increased conversion rates.
  • Create a feedback loop of traffic and retargeting between your Facebook Page and your business website.



Lead generation is the process of driving visitor traffic to a business website where those visitors are converted into potential clients or paying customers.  Creating a successful lead generation and conversion digital ecosystem is what sets apart successful businesses from failed ones.

How do websites generate relevant, highly lucrative website traffic?

There are four different types of visitors that you can get to your website

Organic traffic typically lands on your website by finding your website on search engines while looking for specific content.  In order to be successful in driving organic traffic it is important for a website to have the following traits:

  1. Great content that creates value for clients in your industry.
  2. Search engine optimization to ensure that your website ranks well on search engines.  This increases the likelyhood of people seeing the link to your website and clicking it.
  3. A well designed, fast loading, easy to understand business website.

Referral traffic typically lands on your website through links found on other websites.  This is accomplished by posting on other blogs, and media outlets.

Social traffic is typically driven by your social fans, for example your followers on Facebook clicking on a post on your Facebook page which leads to a blog post on your website.

Paid advertising such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

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